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The Association des piétons et cyclistes d’Outremont promotes active transportation in the Outremont borough.

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Rethinking Laurier Avenue: A Consultation by the Outremont Borough

By Association des piétons et cyclistes d'Outremont
On Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Outremont Pedestrian and Cyclists Association and the Montréal Bike Coalition invites you to express your ideas concerning the redesign of the Outremont section of Laurier avenue and to support the installation of cycle lanes at this location.

Installation of cycle lanes would connect existing and proposed bike paths on Laurier east of Hutchison with those on Cote Sainte-Catherine. Those lanes would create an east west cycle corridor from Papineau to the University of Montreal. 

We are convinced that the Outremont section of Laurier represents a crucial link for the Montreal cycle network creating a link between cycle paths that are used by thousands of cyclists a day.

Unfortuneately the borough did not mention cyclists in the Request for Proposal despite the concerns expressed in a letter to elected officials and civil servants by the Montreal Bike Coalition and the Outremont Pedestrian and Cyclists Association.

The borough has none the less agreed to take account of cyclists during the planning process.  The questionaire pertaining to this project is now available and it is time to show in great numbers our support for bicycle infrastructure on Laurier avenue. 

Completed questionaires should be returned to Mme. Sophie Laberge, project manager at the Outremont borough, by email at before April 10, 2014. Please share! Let your voice be heard!

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